Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bralalalala the musician: Spider Man Art Director Hate Site Response, Part Two

           For those who may need to review Part one, it is located at :

           The initial response I have had to this ridiculous website made by the Emmy nominated art director David Klassen, who sexually assaulted me in his home, and his accomplice girlfriend assistant in crime,  nicknamed "Landa," is to simply cross off many of the very many specific statements made with actual real life facts (yes it is their website, and while where I could confirm where I live it is none of their business, so why are they so concerned about it on this site anyways?) While many may live real life facts as a fancy more relevant to as a fictitious movie, I do not. There are simply too many issues to address, to do so all at once, so I'll just continue whatever I feel I didn't cover, just in case it was necessary?
          How about the main theme I didn't address, the attack on my music career as an alleged excuse for me to make up a sexual assault story. By the way, in case you were wondering, I prefer friends any day to enemies. Friends are what careers of any kind are made of. David and Landa would have made cool friends, but they made that impossible,  and chose to become enemeies instead by their arrogance.
          It happens all the time when people who have achieved any level of success do something illegal and wrong, they assault the victim further with endless allegations about needing their success, making up a story and so on. While I'm certain that is the case on quite a few ocassions, attacking my music career as a failure is no way to go about proving that. First of all, it is true I have not put out an album in over a decade. The one I did put out was self released, and had great magazine reviews in some of the biggest rock magazines worldwide, lots of radio play on well known stations from NYU to Stanford to SF'S 107.7 and endless others etc. in places major label products couldn't get good reviews and they wished they could. Yes, Curve lesbian magazine did review the CD in 2005, calling me a "transgender sexpot we love," before my letter to the editor was printed. I was told I appeared on E! Talk Soup somewhat mocked after my ABC, "Moral Court," discrimination matter, though I never saw that show, so who knows. I also did put online an old Bralalalala website ( , is the current one) with dozens of reviews, interviews, and so on. The links may be old and outdated, but those entities which were once introduced to me and still exist, no doubt, have not forgotten my name. So, anyone is free to ask them if they also have never heard of me, don't like my music, and if I'm a scam. I did not play any concerts in the USA however, (refused L.A. sunset strip club offers for pay to play which I found insulting to actual musicians, whose music, if good enough, will sell tickets), only a few in Europe. The band did not go to Europe because it didn't make it in the U.S. The album was recorded in Europe. We were already there! The initial protest to pay to play in L.A. turned out longer and more regarding finance as time passed than the mere intially planned protest. My social problems as transgender have played the primary role in making me unable to go about daily life as would be expected financially. I have worked hard to change that, but that has taken me away from my musician only attitude to life I had always previously had. So, if there is any reason to wonder why there hasn't been any success, lack of exposure is probably a good one.  There was never a Bralalalala that wasn't transgender as alleged. There was also no band called Bralalalala with any other image. Further the only band I ever had before Bralalalala, in college, was aptly named, "Angury Athawuld," which is silly talk for angry at the world! Does that sound like a non rebel with no cause to you? As for me "extorting," the 2005 Los Angles Music Award, is one of the half dozen articles, not including the radio interview with me and the founder of that event, where he writes about me, 5 years before the award was given. The radio interview claims the CD would sell tons if released "as is." One article claimed if Bach or Beethoven were alive today they'd be hanging out with me. This one merely says I'm an icon of magnanomous proportions and I leave people mortified with my astounding intelligence or some other such B.S. Did he and I get into an argument over gender leading to a lawsuit? You make the call.
                  It is standard practice on messageboards where talk of Bralalalala is banned to say Bralalalala isn't acknowledged musically anywhere by anyone. That's another way of translating to," I am a bigoted lying sack of potatoes and you know it. " So, be wary of such comments. Will I ever get out from all this muck and not only release a classic legendary rock album but also promote an actual album? I sure hope so. Meantime, this hate site seems to be demanding a part 3 response about why I'm not really a whore, but I'd prefer they tell their side of the story on that topic to the police.
Part 3 response added is:

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